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  • All Types of LED's
    All Types of LED's
  • LED bulbs
    LED bulbs
  • LED Street Lights
    LED Street Lights

About Khushi Energy

Khushi Energy is part of Khushi Group of companies, Khushi Group was established in 1985. It has several business interests in the region across variety of verticals like Transport and Logistics, Fuel Trading, General Trading, Advertising and Outdoor Media Services, Travel and Tourism, Paints and Adhesives and many other areas.

Our Services

  • LED Street Light
  • common styles of LED bulbs
    • Diffused bulbs
    • Dimmable Globe LED bulbs
    • Track Lighting, pin base
    • Flood Reflector LEDs for Recessed Cans and Track lights, screw-in base
    • Flame Tip, Candelabra Base LEDs
    • LED Tube Lights
  • CFL Light Bulb Models
    • Spiral Lamps
    • Triple Tube Lamps
    • Standard Lamps
    • Globe Lamps
    • Flood Lamps
    • Candelabra