Batteries are used in many fields like automobiles, UPS systems, engines, industrial and agricultural equipments, Railways, Telecom, Defence etc. The life of the battery is important in all these sectors, which depends on charge and discharge cycles. Improper charging, overcharging, storage in discharged state cause damage to the battery creating sulphation on plates. The tired battery needs immediate replacement, which may cost heavily & is also unexpected

The sulphation process reduces charge absorption of plates and decreases its storage capacity. A conventional charger cannot eliminate sulphate crystals from the plates.

Pulse energy rejuvenater charger produces miraculous effect on tired battery in one charging cycle. The best charging technique supported by ‘NASA’ is a pulse charging.

In pulse energy, a high current pulse is pumped into plates followed by appropriate discharge and rest period. High current pulse reacts with chemicals & produce gasing. Discharge action eliminates gas bubbles from plate surface and the plates are fresh to absorb next charge pulse. This results in sulphate crystals dissolve into acid and the battery capacity is regained.

The intelligent pulse energy controls charging as per the battery status and heating. It automatically stops the charging when the battery is charged, avoiding overcharing.

Why Pulse energy:

  • State of the art IGBT based intelligent design.
  • No overcharging, resumes action when power cuts and resumes.
  • Rugged, elegant and reliable product with future upgradability.

What we offer?

  • We are giving 1 to 2 years more life for dead batteries, other than that we are giving 1 to 2 years of warranty
  • Our specialty is battery recharging and servicing with the unique technique so batteries will get 2 more years life from the original life
  • We will provide warranty for the batteries for another one or two years Manufacture of batteries and electric kit.
  • We are the first company in India who is able to convert engine to electric kit, pollution free, ecofriendly and less maintenance cost

Available Market potential for Battery REJUVENATE BUSINESS

    • DCC Bank Branches • Credit Pathsanstha branches • Co-op Bank branches • National bank branches • Private Banks • Insurance Companies Branches • Hospitals • Finance Companies • Hotels with battery backup • Commercial shops • Household Inverters • Coaching Classes • Mobile Towers • Shops in Shopping Malls • BSNL Offices • MSEB offices • ZP/Panchayat allied offices • Educational institutes • Solar systems/ Street Light • Corporate offices • All Kind of mfg units • All kinds of battery operating vehicles • Battery operated vehicles • Apartment Lift backup • Train monitoring system • Laboratories • Wind Power • Train 2 v Battery • Military Use Battery • Mobile Tower • Shipping Industry